Britt Monthly Summary: March 2018

All about Britt from March!

Britt had an egg hunt at her school this month for Easter. I felt super bad I couldn’t be there but it was the same day as Kye’s field trip to the zoo and I’d already RSVPed to that event first! Thankfully Mrs Charlotte was able to attend the egg hunt. I know it’s OKAY if someone isn’t at each and every thing but it’s important to me to at least attempt to have someone there if someone is able to go!

Mrs Charlotte even took lots of pics which I appreciate!

So thankful for such a hands on G-Mama who LOVES the opportunity to attend things for with babies!

Britt was over the moon excited for Field Day. Ugh. Are we sure she’s my child?!?! I was the kid begging my mom to let me skip school so I didn’t have to participate haha! 

I love all the pics Zach got at her Field Day. She’s smiling SO BIG and it’s obvious she just LOVED IT!!!

Such a good daddy! The kids love having him come to their school events and activities!

This month Britt received a Bible at church for knowing all her books of the Bible! She’s known them for a long time and I swore she already got a Bible for reciting them? But I may be confused haha! 

Britt is also allowed to check out books from the library now and got her first chapter book and read it in one sitting! This girl LOVES to read!!!

Britt has been really practicing her reading and loves to read to her siblings…bless his heart Kye feels the pain of every parent on earth when dealing with a learning to read child haha

Here’s a video

Turns out Spear feels the same way about Tess reading haha

Annnnd she lost tooth #5 this month…another one thanks to Kye’s yanking skills 😉

This month was St Patrick’s Day. Britt is our first kid to be in public school for kindergarten and they went ALL OUT for St Patrick’s Day as a holiday. It’s not something we’ve ever focused on at home?

She came home from school all excited about a leprechaun coming to our house that night…um what? Wait? What? I’ve never heard of any sort of leprechaun coming to visit our homes? She made a box to catch him…and wasn’t too disappointed when the next morning there wasn’t any leprechaun in her trap. I assumed maybe their trap at school caught him?

“Who is worth more to you more than gold?”

“My family because they take care of me”

So. Sweet. 

While the leprechaun didn’t visit…Daddy did make some green pancakes!

Saturday mornings at home are special at our house because Daddy makes a big breakfast! Our little baker LOVES to help! She helped flip the pancakes for the first time!

Her favorite thing is some girl time doing nails with Mommy!

Britt loves to play outside but doesn’t love to wear shoes. I am ALWAYS saying “wear shoes!” and this month…she finally learned that lesson as she banged up her toe pretty good!

Britt LOVES to play outside. When Kye gets home he needs some solo decompress time…when Britt gets home she needs outside time! She loves it and thrives when she’s able to play outdoors!

I asked her what she thinks about while swinging and she said “just what plans we have and what needs to be done.” Yall that mental load mess? It starts EARLY!

Britt complains of headaches decently often. She’s well rested, well hydrated and has perfect vision. I had a good bit of allergy funk this month and started thinking maybe her headaches are allergy related as well since she’s outside so much?

A big thing with Britt is she struggles with some negative outlook and attitude issues. I took this video of her one afternoon and at first I didn’t plan to share it anywhere b/c I never want to embarrass my kids (more than I already do without meaning too haha). However she watched the video later on and laughed SO HARD at it and it was such a good realization to her that it’s something she needs to work on. So honestly? I recommend taking a video of your child when they are having an attitude issue…seeing it back for themselves can be beneficial! (Here’s the video)

Here’s more pics of my sweet girl! We all have our rough days and moments and she’s def working on her overall attitude and outlook! I know if people video taped me in some of my ugly moments I’m not sure I’d laugh about it like she did 😉 

Love this girl and so thankful she’s mine!

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  1. GiGi
    May 8, 2018 / 3:29 am

    She is such a pretty child. Those brilliant blue eyes and that smile….both she and Tess…those boys are going to be handsome fellas too…That picture of Tess reading to Spear is hilarious!!! I hope your family is going to have a wonderful summer…hugs, GiGi

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