Britt Monthly Summary: February

Britt is really embracing being 3 and already talks about how she’s “almost 4.” She is a girl who is in a rush to grow up and I wish she’d SLOW DOWN!!!

I feel like sometimes Britt gets a little lost in the shuffle, which is a common thing with middle children. It’s easy to one minute think she’s “a baby” and the next look at her and think she is a “big girl.” I’m trying to be a lot more intentional with my parenting with Britt!

This month I really started having her contribute more to the household. We expect Kye to pitch in but this is one of those areas that we often think “Britt is too little.” Um, She’s 3. She can help! And she LOVES helping and is a GREAT helper too!

Girl LOVES to bake!

On the days that Britt doesn’t have school she really, really loves to just sit in her bed and read. By herself and also with me! I have to limit the amount of books we will read or I can get sucked into sitting there all morning with her. She LOVES to read and finds books to be so fun! She’s at that age where she likes to read the same thing over and over again which can get a little boring for mama!

When it comes to school Britt always tells me all she does is eat snack and play outside. I KNOW she does more than that but she doesn’t seem to talk a lot about other activities at school. I know she’s for sure doing lots of crafts though because 1) she comes home with artwork all the time and 2) she’s started to enjoy drawing and coloring a lot at home. She is able to draw straight lines and circles and draws lots of small little marks. She also likes to color. Just color and color and basically cover up the whole page with the colors! 

Here she said she wrote her name..the little lines say “B R I T T” can’t you tell? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I breastfeed Tess in front of my kids. I don’t ever really talk a lot about it. I just say I’m feeding Tess and that she drinks milk. I’ve told them that God made mommies special because we can have babies in our bellies and we can make milk to feed them. That’s about as much info as they have! Britt will ask me if Tess has switched sides yet and she will also say “Tess wants to eat you Mommy” if Tess is fussy. It’s cute to see that she picks up on things as I found her in the hallway with her shirt lifted up and her stuffed dog on her chest. She said she was feeding her puppy ๐Ÿ™‚

We have had our fare share of meal issues with Britt. She just doesn’t really like to EAT. Even though she doesn’t enjoy meal times, she is still a more adventurous eater than Kye was at this age. They both will eat what we tell them to eat, but Britt actually enjoys a more variety of foods. When I make things for them and am trying to please them both, I have to think more about what Kye enjoys rather than what Britt enjoys because a lot of the stuff she likes he doesn’t. Her most favorite meal is still quesadillas! 

Britt truly lives her life to keep up with Kye. Anything he can do, she wants to be able to do. Which is bad in some areas, but great in others. Kye took AGES to want to swing on his own and really in just the past few months has gotten the hang of it. Britt wants to be able to swing like Kye and practices every chance she gets!

I think one of my favorite qualities Britt has is that she is an awesome cuddler! I bet if we did co-sleep she would be a great kid for it as she is just so sweet! She loves physical touch and is always wanting to hold my hand or rub my hair, just be close to me in general. She still says “I wanna hold you” alllll the time. I guess my hip baby still is a hip baby ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

She also gives AWESOME hugs! To everyone, including her friends!

This month was Olive’s 3rd birthday. It’s so crazy to me that we have 7 kids now between the Megows and Parkers! I remember so vividly when Stevie, the oldest, was born and now the youngest of the bunch is 3! We had a great time at Seth’s house with the kids celebrating Olive’s Birthday. I love that our kids are all buddies!

Britt’s favorite thing to do is to “play bounce.” The kids each have a hopper ball and bounce around the house non-stop. It’s a GREAT way to get some energy out and they have so much fun doing it! Look at those sweaty, rosy cheeks!

Britt and Kye bicker a good bit but she still ADORES him. She is slowly starting to show more interest in Tess but if I had to say how the three of them work it’d be that Kye favors Tess and Britt favors Kye. He gets pretty annoyed by Britt and I’m reading every article that comes my way about siblings and raising them to be friends haha! I try to just let them work things out and often they play pretty well together now. As she’s getting older she’s better able to understand his ways of playing and I think within this year they will have a better play relationship!

She always wants to hug and love on her big brother!

Other Stuff From This Month:

  • She really wants Zeke to sleep with her but finally started asking for Sadie to sleep with her instead. It works out GREAT! Sadie is super old (16 years) so she just sleeps all the time anyway and she will stay in Britts bed all night. Which Zach loves because it means she’s not in our bed ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • She now can recognize most letters of the alphabet 
  • At night we now let her stay up a little later to play a game. So we do prayers as a family and Zach reads the big kids a story (while I’m nursing Tess) then the three of them play a game together before Britt goes to bed. She’s typically in bed by 7:30
  • Sometimes she’s not sleeping at naps or she will fall asleep super late into the nap. I always wake her by 5 if she doesn’t wake on her own. 
  • FINALLY she’s eating neater and not using a bib!!! YAYYYYY
  • Britt started swim this month (post to come!) and she LOVED getting to do all the things Kye does in the pool and especially loved having “homework” to work on!
  • She says “holy schnikes” haha
  • Britt is going to have to probably always work on her temper. She gets red and gets SO mad I can physically SEE it in her. I know she needs to have appropriate outlets for it so I tell her when she’s mad to go to her room and punch her pillow. 


So far I really like having a 3 year old! I feel like Britt has really grown up a lot. She can reason with me better and we are able to communicate so much better with each other! There are still those tough parenting moments with her, but I think that’s just part of parenting! Overall she is turning into such a fun, happy girl! 

Proof that she can still be grouchy ๐Ÿ˜‰

And pouty ๐Ÿ˜‰

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