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This is a phrase that played over and over in my head as I began my first few months as a mother.  

I read Babywise when my son was 3 weeks old and it totally changed the way I was doing things.  I started to experience routine and structure, I started to see a more content baby, and I started to sleep more!  

These were all wonderful things.  

In the beginning, “start as you mean to go on” meant that I would follow the eat/wake/sleep pattern, focus on full feedings, and establish a consistent morning waketime. 

My son, Duke, turns 2 in a couple of weeks and we are still reaping the benefits of each of those things.  He eats meals around the same time each day, is a great sleeper, isn’t a snacker, and follows a pretty predictable schedule.

But there are even some smaller-scale things that I’ve learned also fall under this “start as you mean to go on” category. ¬†For example, phones. ¬†

We decided early on that we didn’t really want Duke playing with our phones. ¬†Sure, there were many times when it would’ve helped in appeasing a fit-throwing session, but we held back. ¬†

We knew that it’d be worth it not having to deal with cracked screens or any other phone issues due to a baby handling it. ¬†

Now, I have one game on my phone and in desperate times, I allow Duke to use it. ¬†But because it was never a habit for him, he doesn’t¬†expect¬†to always get permission.

“Start as you mean to go on” is a really great rule of thumb to remember in those first couple years of life (and probably even later on as well – I just don’t have experience with that).¬†

It helped me think through some decisions in the beginning that would affect us later on.

So if there’s any piece of advice I’d offer or anything I plan to keep in mind for our next child, it’d be to “start as you mean to go on.” ¬†

You have to start with structure in order to flex it.  You have to start with rules in order to bend them.  

If I would’ve started with absolute chaos, I don’t think I would’ve been able to reign it in later. ¬†

How about you guys?  If you’re a Babywise follower, how has “start as you mean to go on” applied to you?

Claire is stay-at-home mom to her (almost) 2 year old son, Duke.  She enjoys teaching piano lessons, songwriting, and blogging at My Devising.

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