Back to School with Carter’s!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carter’s. I received a complimentary gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.

Yes. You read that correctly. I totally got hooked up with a Carter’s gift card to go shopping for back to school clothes for my kids. Shopping at my FAVORITE kid’s clothing store for FREE? You know I was pumped!

I’m so thankful to Carter’s for this opportunity to pick out super cute back-to-school clothes in fun colors for my crew but I’m especially thankful for the opportunity to have my FIRST girl’s shopping trip with Britt. She’s reached an age where she gets truly excited when I bring home new clothes for her and I thought it’d be the PERFECT outing for the two of us to enjoy together. 

If you’ve been a blog follower for awhile then you probably already know the love I have for Carter’s. Pretty much every outfit my kids wear in any of our family professional photos comes from Carter’s.  I know their stuff so well that I can typically point it out when other kids wear it too. I just LOVE the colors and patterns and bright happy vibe of everything they sell. I love that it’s all comfortable for the kids to wear and that their clothes allow children to be children…to play and run and not have to worry about messing something up. Their clothes aren’t only cute, but they are great quality. I’m pretty much a hoarder with my kids stuff and anything I’ve packed up that’s been Carter’s brand has continued to look brand new after many washings and passing down to younger siblings. I’m also a self-proclaimed cheap skate so I appreciate the awesome coupons and sales they always have going on. Cute, good quality clothing for good prices? Who wouldn’t love Carter’s!

It was also the perfect place to take Britt for her first solo Mommy shopping trip. The store size isn’t super overwhelming so I wasn’t worried about us getting separated and we got there right when they opened so it wasn’t crowded. I shop there so often the people who work there know me pretty well by now so they even had fun watching Britt do her shopping thing! Girl has some STYLE!  The cutest thing was she’d run up to something and say “STOP! So cute!!!” 

Since she was so excited we went ahead and picked out her stuff first. And, of course, she had her opinions! I was all about one dress and she wasn’t having it. She found exactly what she wanted and chose accessories to match. I think she has a natural talent! It was so cute because she begged me to let her wear her new clothes right then. We compromised and she wore her shorts over her leggings until we checked out 😉 

Notice the pout face? She was bummed that I wouldn’t let her get every single necklace. Ha!

It was SO MUCH FUN and such a successful trip! We had a blast and ended up getting so many adorable things for the kids for back to school! The new fall line is fabulous. SO modern (which I love!) and so many fun colors and patterns and I’m extra pumped to find out that Carter’s is now going up to size 8! Kye is in a 6 now so I was getting nervous that he’d soon outgrow my favorite store. I’m so glad we get a couple more years of shopping there for his clothes too!

I’m not one to usually buy my kids a “special prize” for behavior. But y’all. This girl was an ANGEL. We were there for almost two hours. Tons of other families came and went and we saw plenty of meltdowns from other children. Britt never had a single disciplinary issue. The people who work there even commented on her behavior! She had fallen in love with this little elephant (who she named “Bunny”) while we were shopping so I couldn’t resist getting it for her 😉 

Carter’s truly understands the need for on-trend fashions for girls and boys heading back to school, which is why their new fall line has something every kid would love to wear now or wear later. Britt LOVES her clothes so much that she has literally begged me to wear them every single day (she says “can I wear them now and forever?”). Before going on our shopping trip I showed Kye some pictures of some of the new fall line and he was pumped about getting new clothes for his new school year. He loved the stuff I brought home and I know it’s “cool kid” approved 😉

Kye’s first day of school outfit!

I know this year Kye will probably need a lot more casual, play type clothes for school. He’s already told me that he wants to wear tennis shoes every day so he can run fast on the playground. I think my days of dressing him in dress shirts most days are over, especially in the South Georgia heat! I couldn’t believe the great deals Carter’s have going on! Awesome t-shirts and shorts for $5 each. Um. Yeah. I for sure stocked up! 

This is the shirt Kye requested for me to get for him, he’s all about some football right now!

Britt has such a unique style all of her own and it’s great that Carter’s offers such a great variety of coordinating options to choose from. She instantly fell in love with these precious shorts and the silver shoes were a “must have” for her. We easily found several tops that matched and chose our favorite along with some fun accessories!  Her outfits just scream modern, fresh and HAPPY! I totally wish they had those shorts in my size 🙂

For size reference Britt’s shorts are a 3T, top is a 4 and shoes are an 8 🙂

I think we have a fashion model on our hands huh?

Britt is more like her mama and isn’t as into the whole t-shirts and shorts thing. Girl would rather look fancy 24/7! I totally embrace that and had such a great time sitting back and letting her pick out things that she loved. She fell in love with this “pretty pink dress” and was so excited to find a matching necklace and headband! 

I have many reasons for loving Carter’s but I have to say that probably my favorite thing about them is that they make it SO easy to coordinate my kids outfits. It’s the reason you see so many of our family photos featuring their clothes. They carry such a great variety of sizes that it’s easy to find things to fit Britt in the toddler/big kid size as well as Tess an infant sizes! I saw these pineapple shirts (if you didn’t know…pineapples are my “spirit fruit”) and couldn’t resist! Even though Tess isn’t going to school, she could always use a new little outfit right? 

By now you all know about Carter’s quality and value…but you will be surprised by their style! Check out for great fall fashion for your whole crew as well as for great deals!

Here are some current promotions Carter’s has running right now:

Bright Now Sale (40% off Entire Store) 7/14 – 8/4

Stock up on new fall arrivals (weather appropriate)

 $5 and up doorbusters: $5 baby short sleeve tees & shorts, $6 toddler/big), $6 Pants, $6 Leggings $6 Slogans & $12 Hoodies (Entire Event)

Count Me In Preschool Sale (Up to 50% Off): 8/5 – 8/31:

Doorbuster 2 or more: $6 leggings, long sleeve tees, boys terry pants & slogans (Entire Event)

Single Doorbuster: $8 fleece pants, $10 moto jegging, $12 boys hoodies (Ends 8/19)

Carter’s now offers clothing up to Size 8 and shoes up to 3y!

As a bonus Carter’s is hooking y’all up with a special coupon to print and take in store or use the code to shop online at!

HUGE thank you again to Carter’s! I cannot say enough how appreciative I am of this opportunity and how much FUN I had with my big girl shopping together. It’s a memory I will cherish forever with clothes that will probably last just as long 😉 

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