Animal Kingdom Afternoon November 2016

We may not have had good health luck on the trip, but we had some AWESOME weather! We rarely needed jackets yet also never broke a sweat (the last day was the warmest and we did sweat some then but it was really more b/c we weren’t use to the warm temps!). We also only had a TINY bit of rain the ENTIRE week! We got to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon and it was raining. We all put the ponchos on and went for it and then, of course, it quit raining by the time we actually got into the park!

I found this poncho at home and was all excited that I didn’t need to buy Kye a new one (his old one is too little). Then we get to the park and come to find out it was Mrs. Charlotte’s poncho from our last trip! It must have gotten mixed in with our stuff…oops!


Mine and Zach’s Lion King shirts (as well as my cardigan) are all from Kohl’s

Kye’s and Britt’s Zootopia shirts are Target

Tess’s dress is from Britt’s first trip to Animal Kingdom ๐Ÿ™‚

I think maybe Tinkerbelle was supposed to go on this pic rather than the one prior haha

I tried to hop out and let Mrs Char get a pic with all three kids without us in it but Tess didn’t like that idea!

The boys had a fastpass for Dinosaur but when they got there the ride was down. They were given paper fast passes to come back anytime the rest of the day so they went back to ride Expedition Everest again…and they rode it twice…again ๐Ÿ˜‰

I mean who is my husband right now?!?! Stopping to take a photo pass picture? Whhhhhat?!?!

While the boys were doing their thing, us girls also had a Fastpass…but ours was to meet Minnie and Mickey! Tess was in a really good mood and I tried to take our time and let her walk etc b/c her attitude really revolved around the stroller. When she was riding, she wasn’t very happy (so strange b/c at home it’s never an issue!) but walking she was awesome!

Third time meeting Mickey was the charm!

Kisses for Minnie too!

Britt let Minnie sign her letters, but no such luck for Mickey haha

It made my heart SO HAPPY to see Tess loving on Minnie and Mickey!!! I was sad Zach missed it!

We met the boys at the Nemo Show and got some great seats! It was our first time sitting in the lower section and it was fun getting to have the bubbles fall on us ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Both Lion King AND Nemo are the top 2 things you MUST do at AK! The song from Nemo though (Big Blue World) is AMAZING…I need to see about downloading it b/c we all sang it the rest of the trip! 

Then we had a fastpass for the Safari, again. This time at dusk so we could see the difference in the animals! They just recently started keeping the park open later and running the safari at night. It was a REALLY fun experience and made hunting for the animals more exciting. 

I have always heard that It’s Tough to Be a Bug is VERY scary so we’ve never done it. I remember the experience when I was a kid and don’t remember being scared? But we put it off because we didn’t want to risk it on either Kye’s or Britt’s first visits. But for Tess’s? We went for it. Child isn’t scared of anything and we figured the big kids were plenty old enough to handle it! Plus it’s located inside the Tree of Life which is just super cool!

She loves 3d glasses ๐Ÿ™‚

We all enjoyed it but WHEW I can see WHY they say to hold off for little ones. It’s def more intense than you’d expect! (And don’t sit with your back fully against the seat if you have any back issues b/c BAM it hurts)

We had a bit of time before the park closed so Zach and Kye ran to take advantage of their fastpass for Dinosaur.

Kye rode this ride with Zach back when he was 5. He said then that he liked it but didn’t want to ride it again until he turned 8. Ha! (sidenote but a) Kye looks SO YOUNG in the pics from last time we visited AK AND b) it’s so funny b/c Britt was in her crazy smile stage at Disney for her first visit and that Tess was in a no-smiling stage for hers haha)

Well he’s almost 8 now and he liked it much better this time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Still a pretty epic pic from the ride!

While the boys rode dinosaur, we took our time and even stopped for a dance party (video one and two!) and then also rode a dinosaur ride! It’s basically like Dumbo but with dinosaurs and the girls loved it. We actually rode it twice, and closed down the ride. It was SO special b/c the attendant just let us stay on AND he announced Britt’s birthday over the loud speakers. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Check out that SMILE from my little girl!!! YAY!

Killing time waiting on the boys meant more picture taking, duh ๐Ÿ˜‰

Acting scared of the dinos!

It felt so cool to be inside the park at night. It was a very low crowd day overall and it felt especially empty by the time we were leaving the park. Something I had wanted to see was the “Tree of Life Awakenings” which is just a brief show at the Tree of Life. We happened to walk by as it was starting and really enjoyed it! It had some scenes from Jungle Book which actually prompted Britt to want to watch the movie on our way home ๐Ÿ™‚ 

We stopped for some pics as we left the park (b/c why not?) and of course these are like my FAVS from the whole trip and stinking Tess didn’t want to be in them! When it came to pics I figured if she wasn’t having it…why have her in the photo, ya know? Crying kid or no kid at all…just pick no kid at all b/c then at least it’s still a great pic of everyone else! I do wish I would have bribed her or something to be in this one haha

More texting with Kye on the way home ๐Ÿ™‚

We did the whole dinner on the way home thing which worked well as the kids had later lunches on our way home earlier that day. I didn’t pack as many snacks as usual either and found it to work out fine. Kye was a HUGE snacker as a toddler but I wised up and limited snacking with the girls so it’s not something they even think about. 

For this trip Kye and Britt had their own room, Tess had her own room, Zach and I had a room and Mrs. Charlotte had a room. The big kids did GREAT with sharing the room although I felt bad they didn’t get to “stay up and talk” like they like to do b/c we did have such late nights and early mornings. At naps Kye slept in Mrs. Charlotte’s room and it worked out great! 

Silly boy ๐Ÿ˜‰

One more Disney Day left!

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