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Spear is One Month Old

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Spear turned one month old on January 1st! For all of my babies I do a monthly post with photos and see where they are with their development and milestones according to What to Expect The First Year. 

I have found that not being sure on Spear's due date is a bit tricky for things. I don't know his Wonder Weeks and I'm not sure when to technically consider him a month old based on due date. If his due date was actually Dec 12th then he was 12 days early which can change up knowing if he's hitting milestones on target or not and makes a drastic difference in charting his Wonder Weeks!

At one month old Spear is doing all of the things a baby his age should be able to do including:
  • lifting head briefly when on stomach on flat surface
  • focus on a face

He also is doing everything a baby his age will probably be able to do including:
  • respond to a bell in some way, such as starling, crying, quieting (he startles)

He can do one thing that a baby his age may possibly be able to do and that is:
  •  lift his head 45 degrees while on his stomach
He cannot yet:
  • vocalize in ways other than crying (like cooing)
  • smile in respond to our smiles

He cannot do anything that a baby his age may even be able to do:
  • lift head 90 degrees when on stomach
  • hold head stay when upright
  • bring both hands together
  • smile spontaneously 

You can see how he compares to his siblings here:

I know genetically Spear doesn't share traits with his siblings but I couldn't help but notice how much he does favor Tess from her 1st monthly post!


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