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Britt's Birthday Slideshow

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Typically I post the kids' birthday slideshow on the blog on their actual birthdays...When Mama E went into labor with Spear I felt SO guilty that I hadn't been on the ball about Britt's slideshow for her birthday and that it simply just wasn't close to being finished. Nor would it be finished in time for her special day. Luckily, Britt is so easy going that she didn't mind waiting and we've had fun watching it now that it's finished! The year of 5 was such a huge year of growth for Britt and it's so neat looking back and seeing how much she's changed. She's growing up! There are a LOT more photos in this slideshow than normal because it was just easier to add ALL the pics of Britt through the year rather than sort through them all ;) So proud and thankful to be her Mama! Create a free slideshow design You can view all of the slideshows I've put together for my kids each year on their birthdays here :)  Save Save

Britt's 6th Birthday!

Monday, January 29, 2018

To celebrate Britt's birthday this year we went to Disney back in October. We had planned a Disney trip in November for her but once we got matched with Mama E we thought it'd be wise to bump the trip up just in case. We had a BLAST at MNSSHP and a great trip celebrating Britt.  Leading up to her actual birthday we planned a dinner out with Zach's family. Whenever we do a trip rather than a big party for the kids, we always try to get together with the family for a celebration dinner. Britt chose Ci-Ci's and said she wanted donuts as her birthday cake. When Mama E went into labor that morning we told the family to just keep the plan for that evening and to still celebrate Britt, even though Zach and I couldn't be there.  I think it worked out great and was a great thing for everyone to focus on!  It's neat b/c at the EXACT minute Spear was born all of our family were together celebrating Britt's birthday! A double birthday celebration :) 
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