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Family Fun: September 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The big things in September were: our Savannah trip, My girl's trip to MNSSHP, and Irma

In the days leading up to Irma I tried to get the kids outside as much as possible

And we tried to have fun family time (it cracks me up that Zach gets zoned in with the random kid-friendly game apps)

We are sad that Lowe's Build and Grow is no longer a "thing" but if you happen upon their build sets, they are a great investment! SO fun for Daddy and kids to do together!

After Irma we didn't have school for a few days so we took advantage and tried to knock out our Christmas wish lists. I've always taken my crew to Toys R Us to make their wish lists and it's always worked well but last year their lists started not being so great. They just aren't as user friendly and I have decided next year to switch over to doing Amazon wishlists for the kids instead. I will still probably take them to Toys R Us to look and make their lists but then the actual lists will be on Amazon. Does anyone use Amazon for wish lists? Is it a good option?

Love the still boarded up windows haha!

As a treat we hit up The Mix for some lunch ;)

Book Club meet up for the month! We met to discuss The Glass Castle (LOVE IT) and saw the movie (also loved it!)

Remember the hair tool Keeli and I bought? Like not even long ago? Totally broke. Totally bummed. Totally went through all sorts of hoops to FINALLY get them to replace it!

A lot got accomplished around the house this month! 

Zach completely redid our front porch! I LOVE IT!

We also brought back...

THE BLUE DOOR! Whoop whoop!

I think the door brightens up our whole look! 

I got a few pillows to add some more of the blue on the porch too and got new lanterns to bring in more of a beachy vibe

And we're slowly replacing light fixtures...who else is obsessed with edison bulbs?

I also am trying to help Zach's office look good and LOVE how this turned out with pics from our recent family session...I'm tempted to buy one of these and put it somewhere in our house too!

Tessie and I worked on stocking up on all things baby!

Eli and Millie had their birthday parties and it was a great time at Keeli and Daryl's house and a chance to meet so many neighbors I didn't know we had!

VSU celebrated the 10th anniversary of the 2007 National Championship Team. It's INSANE that it's been a DECADE. Such a special season and so many amazing memories. We couldn't have asked for a better way to finish out Zach's football career and it was so neat taking the kids to the tailgate so they could meet some of the other players and hear some of the stories. 

One of his best catches! 

They were so proud ;) 

We also got a ton of VSU swag, duh ;)

Game Time!

It was a great chance to go to a game this season as with Kye playing we're not able to go to any others (or FSU ones). It was late but Zach and the team (and our family!) got to go on the field during half time to be announced and recognized so we stayed till half then I took the girls home and Kye and Zach stayed till the end!

Tess was CRACKING us up! She was in such a silly mood!

Kye especially thought it was SO awesome going on the field and waving to all the fans in the stands!

Some of the guys from the '07 team!

He never wanted to leave!

A sweet friend sent us a gift card to Steak and Shake and we needed a fun family night so we hit it up and had a blast! 


Yup, we even got milkshakes!

And ended the night with some Tangled!

Dress up days at school are always fun :) 

These two are SO CUTE together! 

They love wearing their matching pjs ;)

Grammie sent a super fun package for them! 


We decorated for Halloween on the last day of this month so enjoy our annual spooky bathroom:

A couple meals I made this month:

A classic for us is chicken and rice (YUM)

We didn't love this one very much, I'm hoping it's better when we make the frozen one

Another family favorite!

Some BIG NEWS in our church family this month was that we officially have a preacher again and it couldn't be a more perfect person. Mr John is such a HUGE part of our church family and we ADORE him and his wife, Mrs. Liz, and are so so thankful to have them in this new role!

Alright last month I started putting my outfit pics at the end of the monthly post to share with y'all, here we go again for this month

(sidenote but don't you just LOVE hair cut day?)

I'm all about some hats lately! The heat causes me to SWEAT so hats on hot days are my total bff!

Had to support VSU!

Shirt: Ali Express (size up, this is a large)
Shorts: Old Navy (older season)

Jeans: Gap Factory

Shorts: New York and Company

Shoes: Old Navy

For the day to day stuff going on in our lives be sure to follow me on IG! I post lots of stories ;) 


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