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Family Fun: September 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The big things in September were: our Savannah trip , My girl's trip to MNSSHP , and Irma !  In the days leading up to Irma I tried to get the kids outside as much as possible And we tried to have fun family time (it cracks me up that Zach gets zoned in with the random kid-friendly game apps) We are sad that Lowe's Build and Grow is no longer a "thing" but if you happen upon their build sets, they are a great investment! SO fun for Daddy and kids to do together! After Irma we didn't have school for a few days so we took advantage and tried to knock out our Christmas wish lists. I've always taken my crew to Toys R Us to make their wish lists and it's always worked well but last year their lists started not being so great. They just aren't as user friendly and I have decided next year to switch over to doing Amazon wishlists for the kids instead. I will still probably take them to Toys R Us to look and make their lists b
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