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Tess's 3rd Bday Slideshow!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Today Tess is THREE! She is the most chill, easy-going, sweet baby turned toddler now turned big girl! It has been so fun experiencing life through her eyes...her excitement over  annals, love of books and her sweet snuggles. She brings us all such joy!  I love putting together each of the kid's birthday slideshows and love watching them as they watch the finished products. They always love looking back on their past year and seeing themselves. I take TONS of pictures all the time but the kids rarely see the photos. These slideshows are a great chance for them to enjoy all the "smiles!" they give for my camera all year long!  We are enjoying our day celebrating our sweet girl! We hope you enjoy her  slideshow  as much as she's been loving it ;)  Make a free photo slideshow Save Save You can also see her past slideshows here: 2nd Birthday 1st Birthday

St Augustine: Day 3 and 4 {Alligator Farm and the 4th!}

Friday, July 28, 2017

On Monday we planned to take the morning off from the beach. Whenever we go on vacation we sit down as pre-plan as much as possible. We decide which day we will do what and try to have things organized. This being 4th of July week it's a SUPER crowded week in St Augustine. So we tried to arrange things to avoid crowds and tried to spread out non-beach stuff to make sure we had plenty of beach time! Zach talks a lot about how much Tess favors me. And I don't just mean because we look alike. She does prefer me majority of the time and always wants ME to tuck her in. He says that out of all our kids she's the one that has really clung to me the most and seems to not really care much for him (I honestly can't say if I agree to this or not because it's hard for me to remember to compare but I do think all the other kids went through a "daddy phase" whereas Tess hasn't yet). This trip was HUGE for their bond. They had a LOT of quality time together and I t
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