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BFBN: Disciplining Foster Kids

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Today we continue with our theme of discipline and our spotlight blogger is Natasha from Let's Be Brave.  Natasha is so inspiring to me! She's a foster mama, an adoptive mama, and is pregnant with her first bio baby! She offers so much insight into the world of foster and adoption and this post offers so many great points - even if you aren't a foster family!

I especially love this from her post: "We are raising these people to be adults in the real world someday, and no excuse, no matter how valid, will work.  You have been entrusted with these humans for a short time or maybe forever, and while they’re yours, you should teach them well.  Set the bar high and help them reach it.  Stay the course and be consistent, and, Lord willing, you’ll find some method of discipline that works." With our plans to adopt I want to make sure I don't look at Tab differently than my bio kids. I don't want to give him excuses!

Be sure to read her entire post here!

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