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Keeping Cool Outside When It's Unbearably Hot

Friday, March 31, 2017

I live in SOUTH Georgia. As in the hottest place on Earth. We are not near an ocean. We do not have cool breezes coming from the water. It's hot. And in the summer? It's unbearable. I know other areas of the country have high summer temps as well, but throw in our insane humidity and I think we win ;) When summer approaches we see commercials showing family gatherings outside. Bike riding. S'mores. Watermelon eating contests. Every winter we fantasize that maybe this summer it won't be so hot but every summer we are stuck with the heat! Outdoor play is not just important for our vitamin D or for our children to get out of the house and get a break, but it's also important for ourselves. Breathing in fresh air (yes even 100 degree humid air) is refreshing and revitalizing and will help ease the stresses that being a mom brings (especially being a mom who is home with kids all day every day all summer long!). Here are some tips for beating the heat so you

Kye's 8th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I ADORE the bond that Zach and Kye share. Zach looks up to his own dad so much and considers him his very best friend. I know that is a relationship that is so important to Zach in his life and that he wants the very same to be true of his bond with Kye. I love watching them together and I love that Kye has such an amazing role model in Zach to look up to. You can read my 8th birthday letter to Kye here! These letters are so special from Zach to his children. I know the kids will have an ENTIRE BLOG written by me to read so I'm sure my words have less meaning than Zach's do and I know these yearly birthday letters from him will be something the kids will all really enjoy as they grow up! Who wouldn't love having letters from your dad each year??? Kye,         I hope one day when you go back and read these letters that I have shown you in real life that I am proud of you. It is one thing to see it written, but another to feel it
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