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Voting and Pumpkin Patch!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Every year we visit a local pumpkin patch to pick out a family pumpkin and take pics. Usually we hit it up on a Wednesday night because the local patch is on our way to church. Now that we have entered the world of sports Wednesdays are our CRAZY day! This year we decided to combine the pumpkin patch with voting. Early voting was where it was AT yall. It was SO easy and quick and I LOVE that our local voting location made it SO FUN for the KIDS! They felt involved in the process and even got to vote on several important polls like best ice cream flavor ;)

Too much sweetness :) 

Breaking the law and taking a pic of Kye in his voting booth ;) 

No doubt Britt voted Chocolate!

It's not official unless you get a sticker! 

Kye and I had a hard time deciding which sticker to choose. Zach and Britt went straight for one and were good to go. I have a feeling we're all similar in our sticker choosing as we are in the way we vote ;)

First thing...Kye ran to play the toss game :)

And Daddy wasn't far behind!

Britt has become SO into getting pics taken which I LOVE!

We've found that IGNORING Tess is the best way to parent her haha but for real...if you ask her to smile and take a pic you will only get a frown. Ignore her and take pics of the other kids then suddenly a smiling Tess comes bounding into the photos!

She wanted to go back to the same spot Britt did for a pic ;)

We found our pumpkin!

I love me some annual traditions. Even the simple ones! I am sad at how crazy expensive the pumpkins there are but I did hear the funds go to the church's mission work so I felt better about it then...still thankful we always set the precedent of ONE family pumpkin!

Our pumpkin fun through the years:

2013 (I tried to put Tess in the dress Britt wore here and Zach vetoed it!)

whew, I've been blogging awhile ;)


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