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Kye Monthly Summary: July

Friday, September 30, 2016

Pretty much everything about Kye this month was covered in the weekly summer recaps! We had a FULL month and Kye is such a blessing turning busy times. He knows how to jump in and help make things run smoother and he is always such a huge helper with his sisters. I love the memories we make together while he's home from school during summer. I miss him so much during the long school days and I'm thankful for all the quality time that summer brings :)

Here's the quick highlights from this month:

Kye had a BLAST on our beach trip and especially loved the fort!

He lost his 2nd tooth in the car :)

VBS was a success!

We didn't have Kye nap daily, but when we told him to sleep he'd SLEEP!

Spending so much time together in summer let's me see Kye's interests in a way I'm not able to as well during school. 

He is very quiet and reserved and more "introverted" in many ways. He has such a creative mind and comes up with awesome stories! 

Like his mama he's more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it! 

I love that no matter how old he gets he's always excited to experience things and always volunteers to jump right in!

Kye reminds me a LOT of myself in many ways but especially when I can tell he feels older than he is. I remember as a kid feeling silly when I acted silly. I remember telling myself "YOU ARE A KID YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SILLY" but it never felt natural for me. I often remember feeling like I related to the grownups more than the other kids and I enjoyed being part of adult conversations. Kye is ALWAYS listening when I'm talking to another adult and will ask me questions later to fill in parts of the convo he missed (ha!). This pic really captures one of those moments where I could tell Kye was feeling "more grown" for his age :)

Mr. Businessman! 

Jordan asked Kye if he was going to share some profits with Britt from the sale if she helped him and he said "Oh I thought the girls would be doing their nails or something" bahaha

Kye has a natural love for books and reading! I made up a 100 book challenge for the summer for him thinking it'd be an actual challenge but it was a BREEZE for him!

He's also gotten very good at drawing!

Even though Kye is a "thinker" and a "reader" he is still very much all-boy and into all things sports. He loves to run laps around the house for his "work out" (and writes down all his times haha) and he loves to practice his golfing in the backyard!

More than anything else I've loved watching Kye's love for the Lord grow! He made me SO PROUD this month by sharing a lesson with the lady's class at church and leading them in prayer. 

Videos from This Month:

As long as I'm living my baby he'll be :)

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