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Cali 7: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

When we started the planning process for our big Cali trip we both tried to think of somethings we wanted to do in the area. I am not a HUGE celebrity person but I have always thought it'd be fun to do one of those cheesy celebrity homes tours. Or at least try for some celebrity sightings or something! NOTHING like that appeals to Zach. At ALL (I mean c'mon girls Cali trip...wouldn't that be a blast ?!?!). He really didn't want anything to do with LA/Hollywood. It's just not the kind of place Zach would like (kinda like Vegas... when I visited Vegas I told Zach he has no need to EVER go there).  We knew in our planning that we wanted an "off day" between our two Disney parks days! My foot would need the rest and the hotel was such a great location so why not just stay three nights there? We had our little Disney themed morning planned but didn't have anything for the afternoon time. We started talking about how many shows tape live in LA. We'
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