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Disney Springs Fun

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our breakfast at Ohana was set for 7:40 in the morning. Even with taking our time we were still completely done by 9. Our big plans for the day included exploring Disney Springs and letting the kids spend their gift cards/chore earnings. We looked it up and realized Disney Springs didn't open until 10 so we had some time to kill. We went ahead and changed clothes (yay for family bathrooms!) and just CHILLED in the lobby for a bit. The kids watched some Disney tv, Zach let all that food settle and Mrs Charlotte and I mapped out future Disney plans ;) Originally we were supposed to be at Magic Kingdom that morning. I'm SO thankful Robyn suggested switching days and that we did go ahead and switch! While at Ohana I went to the bathroom and heard fellow moms STRESSING about the weather ruining their park plans for the day. Thankfully it didn't affect our plans much at all! We headed to Disney Springs and it was downpour when we arrived. We all had umbrellas and wore
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