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Big Kid Club: GA Aquarium

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 2 of our Big Kid Club adventure kicked off with breakfast at the Ford's. Kelly had to get up and head to work so Casey and I hung out with her husband and all the kids and took our time loading up to leave because we knew we'd hit Atlanta traffic. Plus the kids had SO MUCH FUN together that we hated to cut that short! On our way I was really pumped that we drove through my hometown. We passed by my elementary and middle schools and I was so excited for the kids to see them. They see all of Zach's childhood everywhere they it was neat to give them a peak into some of mine. SO MUCH has changed in that area and it was sad to see my Eckerd (which got turned into Rite Aid) got shut down. This place was my JAM back in the days of film development ;)  We got some discount tickets to the aquarium if we promised to show up before 10. We weren't there right at opening, but we were close. I'm SO thankful Casey was able to come with me on this trip! I
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