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Sweet Girl Swinging

Monday, November 19, 2012

As previously mentioned...Brittlynn has been in a bit of a fussy stage lately. Especially in the afternoons! Zach and I are learning tricks to help her be happier. Our best one yet? THE SWING!!! Man it was worth buying the playground to have the ease of a swing in our backyard, for sure. Brittlynn is SO happy just swinging and swinging and swinging. It not only helps her but it helps me. Seeing her be so fussy is draining. I feel like I'm doing something wrong/blame myself/worry something is wrong with her etc. When in reality she's probably just teething. Or just a really needy child who constantly wants attention ;) Either way the swing magically takes away her fussiness and brings out her smiles and laughter. It's wonderful!!! Here's lots of pictures from our fun swinging!

We make LOTS of noises while's a video!
The way the light is hitting her hair makes me laugh ;)

First time really wearing shoes!!! Glad I grabbed them for $3 from the kids sale ;)

This face reminds me of an animal but I'm not sure which? Monkey maybe???

Kye also enjoys swinging. It's a win for EVERYONE!!!

This face reminds me of a rabbit? I think if Kye were an animal he'd be a rabbit!
My handsome boy! He makes me so proud! He does so well while I deal with Brittlynn in her fussy moments. He is patient, understanding and helpful. I'd be lost without him for sure and he's a pure joy!!! I'm so thankful for their age's SO great that Kye CAN be such a big helper. I can't imagine having two in diapers and both of them going through fussy stages at the same time! Yikes!!! I don't know how some of y'all do it ;)
I love that the weather is so wonderful now and that we are blessed with a playground so we can swing to our hearts content whenever we want! It's def our favorite place to hang out :) Where do your kids have their "happy place?"


  1. Omgosh! Kye looks so BIG and GROWN UP! Wow... how did that happen in the last 2 months?!
    They are both precious! Love the swinging pics!

  2. Ah yes, those fussy phases. No fun, but they too will pass! I remember Abby being soooo fussy (I was convinced I was doing something wrong), and then once she started walking, she suddenly became so content.

    Love that you've found something to make her happy!

  3. GAH why does she cry SO MUCH It's SO ANNOYING.... snicker.... ;)


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