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Pumpkin Carving

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

While we were finishing up our afternoon swing session...Zach was getting everything ready to do our pumpkin carving! Zach and I decided that we will always have ONE family pumpkin to least until the kids are old enough to carve it themselves or at least show more interest in it. I hunted for an easy carving stencil online and came up with a pirate face that I thought Zach could handle ;)

Our pumpkin was bigger than the stencil so he had to copy it
Such an artist!

Trying to pump Kye up about helping gut the thing
Running in fear of the yucky pumpkin guts haha
One scoop and he was done!

He did ask to try a bite of it though...
Neither Zach or I like pumpkin flavored stuff...looks like we aren't the only ones!
Kye's interested lasted a little longer than last year. But not much. Brittlynn, as expected, had zero interest in the whole pumpkin experience (we did also let her try a bite though!). Instead I let Zach take over the carving situation on his own and I let the kids play with Kye's Cozy Coupe. Brittlynn doesn't have many girly toys and I knew Big Papa and G-Mama would probably want to get her a Coupe of her own for Christmas this year since they did it for Kye when he was her age.

I've tried and tried to get her to play in it but she just hasn't been interested. Like she's screamed and cried whenever I try. Well...all it took was KYE to play with her. Then she was all about it haha! I'm telling you she already looks up to her big brother SO MUCH. It's precious :)

They were putting "gas" in the tank
Here's a video of them!

He's not holding her hand to be sweet...he's trying to keep her from taking the leaves out
We did take breaks to check on Daddy's progress!

She wanted to get in with him! They need to make a two-seater!

First time EVER sitting in this thing and not crying to get out! Thanks Kye for the help!

He was perfectly content with riding on the window to let her have the seat. He has such a giving heart!

She was making all kinds of sounds and having a BLAST!
This is an Emily face if I've ever seen one hahaha

Finished product!
The boys
Look how HAPPY Brittlynn is! We had SO much fun carving playing :)
Zach was excited to show Kye the pumpkin in the turned out pretty awesome :)
Perfect creeeeeepy moon just in time for Halloween!
We waited until literally the day prior to Halloween to carve our pumpkin and that beast STILL was rotted on Halloween night. I guess South Ga just isn't a great place for pumpkin survival?!?!

You can see our past pumpkin carvings:

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  1. Zach getting Kye pumped up is hilarious. MAN UP SON! I love Britts bow it's the perfect size and placement. Yeah I'm weird


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