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Are You Following Along?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Zach always teases me that I'm slow to change things, especially in the world of technology. Like I resisted getting a digital camera haha. I finally feel I'm up-to-speed on all the social networking sites. And ohmygoodness there are so many!!!

If you haven't noticed (or if you're a mobile reader) I updated my "Follow Me" buttons on my blog page. You can now follow me via:

And the newest additions:

Of them all I instantly fell in love with Twitter. Maybe it's because not as many people are on it? But I like that I can just do quick tweets of my every thought haha. I'm totally still learning and it's tough to find people (why aren't they linked with Facebook like pinterest and instagram? SO much easier!) so find me and then I can follow you ;)

Instagram is awesome but my phone is junky :( The camera is horrrrible so I'm not sure how often I'll be posting stuff. I also am not a huge fan of only taking pics using Instagram. I think it's a fad thing and people will look back and wish they had normal photos of their children! haha! It is super fun though :)

Just a quick update...another post to come in a little bit! :)


  1. I follow you on facebook, but rarely get on there anymore. I don't do Instagram or Twitter. I do You Tube, but not like all the time! You can look me up on youtube by our user name. skeltonfam4 Also you can follow my blog if you like its

  2. I take reg pics on my phone and then instagram them. That way I have a "normal" copy and a fun one!


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