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Neela and Titus Bday Parties!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Those Megow's and their parties ;) It makes me SO excited to have four kids because that means I'll get to plan 4 parties a year! I can't wait!!! Since I am so behind and since Neela's and Titus' birthdays were kinda close together I figured I'd combine them into one post :) I didn't take any of my own pics at these parties (they were smaller parties than normal so we all just passed around Crissy's camera and took pics. It worked out great, I think!) so I stole all of these from Crissy...with permission of course ;)

Neela's party was July 7th at the Megow home. They recently moved and have a GREAT place for parties. Zach and I both had a great time and decided it was our favorite Megow party yet! Maybe it was partially to do with the ice cream station ;)
The birthday girl! Dumbo themed party!
April read Dumbo to all of us

At first glance Zach's leg looks like MY leg huh?!?! I got some hilarious facebook comments about my hairy leg ;)

I ADORE this picture!!!
Britt enjoyed her fingers while the rest of us enjoyed ice cream!
Baby Wranglers!
Lots and lots of toppings...I was in HEAVEN!
Blocking Titus ;)
Obivously this was pre-Advocare ;)
I'm telling you I was an ice cream ADDICT
Zach's share...and the snack timer hadn't even gone off Crissy ;)
Still has a little pizza on that face!
Happiest baby ever!!!
April is SO sweet and so great with the kids!
Chowing down
Kye NEVER moved from his seat...he just kept eating and eating and eating
Present time!
All the other kids swarmed in to "help" with the presents but Kye was too busy with his food
ALL the kids!
(Can you tell we don't do Juice Boxes...Kye wouldn't put his down haha)
The Megow Family (themed as always)
Played the parachute game
The kids LOVED getting to run under it!
For the goody bags they put candy on the parachute and the kids picked it all up when it fell on the ground!
The party went great! We had to leave before it ended to make sure we were home in time for naps. I was SUCH a proud mama that day. Before we ate they had a prayer and Kye wanted to be the one to bless the food. He prayed with no fear or embarrassment...out loud in front of a lot of people, many of whom he didn't even know. He inspires ME as I get nervous praying out loud even with just close friends and family!!! He said what was on his heart and it made me so proud. He also did great when we had to leave before anyone else left. He said bye and let without getting upset or begging to stay. His behavior and good choices made the party even more enjoyable for us :)

Titus' birthday party was on August 4th and they planned something a little different this time around...they had the party at McDonald's! It was really awesome!!! Each kid got a free Happy Meal and McDonald's provided goody bags, cake and ice cream. Of course the Megows still dressed in theme ;)
Family pic!
Birthday Boy
Neela is such a cutie huh?
Olive...Small Fry
April and Josie
I love this!!!
Seth dressed as a McDonald's employee...and he played the part well ;)
Growing up Zach's favorite birthday parties were at McDonald's. He had to run a couple errands before the party so I told him to meet us there. He ended up driving like 20 min away to go to the McDonald's he'd always had his birthday parties at. It's not even THERE anymore haha. He called me and told me he'd be late ;) So funny! He was CRUNK about this party though and is trying to talk me into having one of our kids parties there...probably won't be happening. I'm all about having them at our house :)
My kids and me!
Mom patrol...watching out for the cake and ice cream ;)
At the mention of food Kye went and sat in his chair and WOULD NOT get up. He didn't play. He didn't run. He just sat and waited. My kid loves to grub!!!
It was a great spot for a party!!! It was during my 24 Day Challenge and I was impressed that McDonald's does have a yummy grilled chicken sandwich AND you can buy 2 packs of apple slices for $1. Great alternative to fries! I wish they had a whole wheat bun but still better options than a burger and fries right? Really the media HATES on McDonald's and puts so much blame on them for our nation's obesity problem...but I feel like their Happy Meal is a LOT healthier than other places. They give both fries and apple slices and the portion of fries is TINY. I'm impressed by it!!! We don't do fast food often but I think it's a better choice than a lot of the other stuff that's out there for kids!

Thanks again to the Megows for always hosting such fun parties!!! Brittlynn's and Olive's are the ones up next :)


  1. hahaha timer, classic! I am "jacked" for Britt's ;)

  2. Taylor@WiseFamilyLivingAugust 20, 2012 at 12:56 PM

    That looks like such fun!


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