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The Places Britt Has Traveled

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Travel is SO important to me and has become something our whole family values. I love the idea that we can help our children see the world, or at least as much as we possibly can cover of it :) I'm not promising that I'll always do a great job of keeping this list going, but I'm going to try. Kye has a list as well and you can view all the places he has traveled here. Now it's time to start Britt's list! Here are the places she has traveled:

1. Jacksonville, Florida
2. Greenville, Florida
3. Satellite Beach, Florida (3 times)
4. Orlando, Florida (7 times)
5. St. Augustine, Florida (4 times)
6. Panama City Beach, Florida (2 times)
7. Atlanta, Georgia (3 times)
8. Destin, Florida
9. Banner Elk, NC
10. Disney World (2 times)
11. Jekyll Island, Georgia

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