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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So often I look at Kye and wonder where all his little baby chub has gone. Those chunky thighs, the multiple chins, the baby rolls. When I look at Brittlynn I just want to soak in every single part of her. Cherish it as, it too, will someday be gone. Right now she's at that chunky baby stage and I could just eat it up. I saw on another blog I read (The Macs) that she takes her sons monthly pictures in just a diaper. It's not really my style but as I looked at her son I thought of Britt and of how I need to get some pictures of her in just a diaper as well. All the girly clothes are cute and sweet, but there is nothing like an almost naked baby ;) Here is my little chunk!

Thank goodness I always dress her for her monthly pictures because in these you can't really tell she's even a girl can you??? Can we please just pause time and keep her this precious forever???


  1. Just perfect!!! Just precious!! ;O)

  2. You didn't give the quilt any credit!  Looks like something that you had when you were little?

  3. So precious! So admirable! So memorable! So cute! I really love your little baby captures! Now, I am so inspired to give birth. By looking at babies especially your own baby, it can really takes away all the stress and eliminate all the worries on your mind. So inspiring!


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