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Toes in the Grass

Monday, February 13, 2012

Something I didn't fully appreciate with Kye as a baby were those moments of just the two of us. For Brittlynn, those moments aren't very often. Typically she'll get done eating at 3 and won't go down until 3:30. Kye is still napping then so it's the only guaranteed time during the day where I'll get to have her all to myself. I try to make that time fun for us both and do a lot of loving and cuddling on her (who am I kidding...anytime this kid is awake I'm cuddling on her!). On this particular day (Jan 30th) it was VERY warm and pretty outside so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to soak up some sunshine!

 This makes me laugh

Brittlynn has never felt the grass before and I love introducing my babies to new things whenever possible. I'm excited to take her to the beach and see how she likes the sand...because she did not like the feeling of grass. She would jerk her feet up to avoid touching it and wouldn't let her little toes anywhere near it. She didn't cry or anything, but you could tell by her feet movements that it was not something she wanted to be doing!

She preferred staying on her blanket and being on her belly. She enjoys lifting her head and checking out the world around her!


  1. LOVE this! I dont think many babies like grass until they're closer to toddler age. Idk why? I'm interested to see how mack likes it this spring! (we have bermuda sod so its all dry and gets stuck on EVERYTHING right now so we dont mess w/ it even when it is pretty)

  2. Logan was the same way for a long time! He didn't like grass or the pinestraw probably til he was 2 to 2 1/2! Just one of those weird things. I love picture #13! :)


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