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Lorelai's 3rd Birthday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kye and Lorelai are one month and one day apart in age. It works out great because I know when I get Lorelai's birthday party invite in the mail that it means I need to get my butt in gear for Kye's party ;) I think it's cute that both of our kids are so into Disney movies right now that they each chose to have themed parties. Robyn did an awesome job sticking to the Rapunzel theme!!!

The walkway up to the party
Love the long braid!
The party was at 10 and lasted until noon. I was having a very rough week that week (more to come in Britt's weekly post on that...). I had a mega busy morning planned. I was going to drop off my stuff for the kids sale, go to a baby shower, and go to the party. It just couldn't all happen anymore. I hate letting people down but I had to miss the baby shower :( Zach took Kye and Brittlynn so Kye could be on time for the party and Britt could be sure to eat right at 10:30. I hurried as fast as I possibly could to get there! I was pretty late but, hey, better late than never :) I missed out on the coloring but it looks like the kids enjoyed it!
Such a good daddy
He dressed in purple to fit the theme :)
The birthday girl enjoying watching Tangled
cute favors and party noise makers!
Rapunzel's tower
The food table was cute too!

It was great getting to see Ashley and Preston, he's such a cutie!!!

Mrs. Becky meeting Britt
Kye was pretty much obsessed with the noise makers

Mrs. Becky is such a good sport!
The balloons were another big hit

Singing Happy Birthday

Opening a gift from "the baby"
To be honest my thought was "how dumb to get Lorelai a present from the unborn sibling" haha...

Then when the balloon came up and it was BLUE I realized the gift from the baby was actually their way of announcing the sex!!! SUPER cute idea!!!
I'm SO excited for them to experience a baby boy!!!
Happy girls
She looks so chunky and content ;)

It's rare that I'm dressed so I like to try to get pics when it happens ;)
We've been to ALL of each other's kids parties :) 
Btw I'm wearing the Stella and Dot Millie Necklace

The party was a big success! Zach headed out pretty quickly to get Brittlynn home for her nap so I stayed to visit some (since I was late arriving) and let Kye play. I was the only guest left and Robyn announced to the family that they needed prayers for their son...she wrote about it here. Thankfully everything is FINE with him and prayers have been answered, but at the time it was scary news. I felt very honored that she wanted me to know at the same time as her family and it meant a lot to me to be there for her. I HATE that she had to spend those three weeks in worry...but I'm so thankful that he's perfect and healthy and that she can finish out her pregnancy worry free!

Lorelai and her cousin, Ben

Kye LOVED the cookie party favors :)
It was a successful party and Kye had a blast. He kept saying "next is my birthday in March then Stevie's birthday in March." He's a birthday loving child :)

If you want to see more of the decorations Robyn made for the party you can go here!

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