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A View From The Nursery

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Part of my birth plan specified that we wanted one of us to be present with Brittlynn had her first bath. I didn't know it was an option with Kye and we totally missed his! With all the rush rush rush of things we ended up not going to see Brittlynn's either. I was hurting pretty badly when everyone was in the room for the announcement (it took them a long time to get me the motrin I needed for pain, and the after birth pain is worse with each baby you have) and I was nervous at the amount I was bleeding so I didn't want Zach to leave my side. It worked out great because Autumn said she didn't mind going to the nursery and getting pictures for us of the big event! She did such a great job it was like we were there :)

First foot prints
Her cute little toes sticking up!

First bath

Not too happy about it
First diaper
Hair wash time!

Zach and I LOVED these pictures, they are special to us because they taught us the first little preference that Brittlynn has...she loves her hair washed (Isn't it your favorite thing when you get your hair done? It sure is mine!!!). We would have never known that without these pictures and we wouldn't have known the way the nurse washed it that she loved so much. We do this at home now and it ALWAYS makes her happy!!!

Timing of everything was perfect...except when Kye came in to meet his sister and when everyone else came in too, it was past Kye's dinner time. Poor kid was HUNGRY and he's so, so scheduled that it threw him off. As soon as everyone left the room they took Kye down to the cafeteria for some dinner. I heard from everyone that he was super clingy to Courtney in the waiting room before he got to come in to see us and that it continued some after as well. Kinda random with all his grandparents there but we think it's probably b/c he really wanted Colt and Payton and she's the closest thing to them! I'm sure it made her feel special and it was sweet of her to step up and take care of him - she even bought his dinner for him!

When they got done eating they went by the nursery and Autumn was able to capture some pictures of everyone peeking in on baby Britt!

Everyone kept talking about how precious Kye was when they visited the nursery he was waving at Brittlynn like crazy (and hoping she'd wave back) and kept saying "Hey Brittlynn! Hey Sister! Hey baby!" He was SO thrilled to be a Big Brother :)

Showing everyone his sister!
While I wish Zach and I could have been there in person to see some of Brittlynn's firsts, I'm thankful Autumn captured them for us as we were in the process of moving into postpartum. Up next...the excitement of our hospital stay :) I know you're on the edge of your seat in excitement!


  1. a time I'll always treasure!

  2. Beautiful beautiful pictures!!! Love the one where she is getting her hair washed, she looks so peaceful!

  3. You joke, but I am excited to read all you have to share with us about this special day :)


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