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Maternity Pictures: Round 1

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've never really been into maternity pictures...I mean who wants to remember being hugely fat and gross looking right?!?! I had a maternity shoot last pregnancy with Autumn and while I liked several of them, I never used them for anything. I also had them taken when I was 35 weeks pregnant...kinda past the point of being "cute" and more at the point of "omg you look like you're about to burst!" This time around I was at 30 weeks pregnant when we had some taken. Crissy and I planned to do a shoot together but with Zach's schedule it made sense for us to get some family ones on a Saturday morning. Mom was totally down to help and she did a GREAT job!!! We have a really neat barn out by our house (so neat that pretty much every time we pass it someone is out there having pictures done!) and figured we'd just go out there and snap some pictures. I'm SO thankful we did them when we did because I still felt like I looked cute and was able to wear clothes I felt pretty in! Doesn't really happen at this point so I'm glad we didn't wait any longer!

My main goal for maternity pictures was family ones together. We will only be a family of three for a few more weeks and I wanted to capture those last days! I really, really appreciate Mom getting up early on a Saturday to come help us out...she'll probably regret that she did such an awesome job b/c I'll totally be asking her to do it again for us in the future! Here are the pictures from that morning:

I can't get over how well Gramma got him to SMILE!

This is his "cheese!" face...he kinda looks like a rabbit but it's cute ;)

giving the baby kisses
When people tell me "you're ALL baby!" I know they are lying...just look at my back. Yuck!!!!

We took some solo pics too, more to come from my shoot with Crissy!

I know all you photographers out there are tooooootally wanting me to be a pregnant model for you right? Haha! Seriously though, I'm pretty amazed at all the great pics we were able to get in only 30 min time! Zach was not very pleased that I wanted to do maternity pictures but even he left happy. Plus he couldn't complain much seeing as it was 1 second away from our house and it was all over so quickly! Even Kye had a good time!!! Thanks again Mom!!!

PS: Yes, you WILL be seeing a newly updated blog header with a picture of me ACTUALLY looking pregnant thanks to this photo shoot!!!


  1. Beautiful!  They are all fantastic!  I did think it is a boy, but now seeing you where you actually look pregnant(I'm totally jealous, I was bigger at 15 weeks) I think it is a girl.

  2. Gramma JoJo did get him to smile soooo handsome like :)  You guys are such a great looking family!
    My favorite is the one right after the back shot of you guys (you all in front of the barn),,,I am a sucker for pretty sunlight coming through :)

  3. @b0c8c97ce2eb77cb344a2ad49a753b07 thanks!!! i am really happy with how they all turned out too!!!! i feel like it's a girl, to the point where i will be SHOCKED if it's a boy but it'd be a good shocked ;)

  4. @10c96993b87a793e476b4ca9a6b64ff6 she really did do an awesome job for us huh? i LOVE outdoor photoshoots! I'm so interested to see how we'll do blitzen's newborn pics. It'll be WAY too cold outside PLUS we won't have the nursery decorated!!! should be interesting!

  5. duh, newborn pics on the cool new blanket your awesome friend gave you :)

  6. @10c96993b87a793e476b4ca9a6b64ff6 duh! maybe in front of our fireplace or something :) we'll have to get creative for sure to keep the baby warm!

  7. I keep changing my guess like every time I see new pictures.  I think I'm almost convinced you are having a girl (which I am SOOOOOOO hoping for!).

  8. I am excited, it will be fun :)

  9. and YES, I am inviting myself over to help take newbie pics while throwing all our old (boring kids) up into the playroom, haha

  10. @10c96993b87a793e476b4ca9a6b64ff6 yay! thank you!!! that will be fun!!! we'll def do it! we are such an awesome photography team anyways you know they'll be good! i'm gonna get someone to do some family ones but i'd LOVE a playdate where blitzen can have all the glory to him or herself ;)

  11. @0f2e068168ab50d1cf768996fe3104ad  i'm carrying this baby differently than i did kye but who knows!!! we'll see soon!!!!

  12. LOVE Kye's "cheese" face! He's so cute!!


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