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Blitzen Baby Pool {Giveaway!}

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now that I'm officially in the third trimester it's time to get those guesses coming about when this baby will arrive! I LOVE giving away prizes and this is a great excuse for a giveaway. Obviously, we won't know the results for awhile but I promise I won't forget to pick a winner!

Here's how it's going to work...anytime between NOW and when Blitzen is born you can put in your guesses for gender, birth date, birth time, birth length, birth weight, and first letter of the baby's first name. I set up a baby pool using You can enter in your "hunch" HERE!!!

  • Only guesses submitted on the babyhunch site will count! You can leave comments here, but they WILL NOT count for the baby pool or the prizes!!!
  • You must leave your name and email address when you submit your guesses so I know how to contact you if you win.
  • US residents only as I will not be shipping the prizes across the world ;)
  • Anyone may enter to win - including immediate family members and people who don't know me at all! 
  • Only ONE submission per person on the babyhunch site. If you submit more than one then your first submission will be the one I use, please don't make it more difficult on me than it already will be (I WILL be caring for a 2 year old and newborn people!)...think hard on your guess and just submit one :)
  • I will be writing a blog entry with name clues, once we actually pick names, and will be doing a separate giveaway for that (as if any of you will actually be able to guess!).
  • Guesses submitted to the site after Blitzen is born will, obviously, not count
How It Will Work:
  •  I will have a link to this blog entry in the upper right corner of my blog for the duration of my pregnancy, so do not feel like you have to place your guesses today! There is plenty of time!
  • The site uses some kind of scoring system but I will NOT be using that to pick a winner. 
  • The winners will be announced on THIS BLOG after Blitzen is born (and I'm functioning enough to figure it all out!)
  • Everyone who guesses the correct gender, correct birth day, correct birth time, correct birth weight, correct birth length, and correct first letter of first name will be entered into separate drawings. (So there will be 6 drawings total).
  • Don't be afraid to guess the same thing that someone else did - you may still win!
  • From those 6 drawings I will number the correct guesses in the order that they are submitted (first one to submit correct answer will be #1 and so on).
  • I will then use to select a winner for each category.
  • You can win ALL 6 times if you guess correctly on each category and win each drawing! So there is a chance that you can walk away with ALL 6 PRIZES!
  • If only one person guesses the correct category, then they will be the winner and no drawing will take place.
  • If no one guesses the correct category (like the exact birth time, for example) then the person who has the CLOSEST guess will win and if more than one person entered in the same answer then those people will be entered into a drawing.
  • If something is to happen and for some reason one of the categories is no longer a surprise (like if we have to be induced on a certain day or accidentally find out the sex or something) then that category will no longer be part of the baby pool and no prize will be given for that category.

As I mentioned, there are SIX prizes to win!!! Are you ready?!?!

Prize for Correct Gender Drawing

Stella and Dot Teardrop Gold Scroll Earrings
Retail Value: $29
Prize for Correct Birth Date Drawing

Stella and Dot Delicate Drop Earrings
Retail Value: $24
Prize for Correct Birth Time Drawing

Stella and Dot Gold Leaf Earrings
Retail Value: $39
Prize for Correct Birth Length Drawing

Stella and Dot La Coco Gold Pearl Strand Necklace
Retail Value: $39
Prize for Correct Birth Weight Drawing

Stella and Dot Boca Chic Necklace
Retail Value: $69
Prize for Correct First Letter of First Name Drawing

Stella and Dot Cleo Fringe Statement Earrings
Retail Value: $49

Of course if you fall in LOVE with any of these pieces and don't happen to can shop for all your Stella and Dot desires on my personal website: :)

I'm really excited to see all of your guesses coming in...and see how well they match up with my own! Hard to believe we'll be knowing the answers to these categories soooo soon!

Happy Guessing!!!


  1. What a cool idea! I love the baby hunch website!

  2. isn't it cool?!? i'm excited to see who is right! hardly anyone has entered so far so there's a good chance to win!

  3. This is such a great idea...I guess I am a bit late to enter the contests - but still wanted to drop by and congratulate you

  4. Emma Wilson Roberts you're not too late!!! no baby yet so enter away :) thanks for the congrats! maybe you'll be a winner!!!

  5. Gender: F
    Date: 12/9
    Time: 1:14pm
    Weight: 7 lbs 8oz
    Length: 19 inches
    First letter: L


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