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21 Weeks Pregnant

Friday, July 29, 2011

Is it bad that I'm kinda over writing these each week? I still have a LOT more to write too don't I? I just keep reminding myself that it'll be GREAT to look back on for baby #3 ;) Baby Growth: Blitzen is weighing in at 3/4 of a pound and measuring 10 1/2 inches long, the length of a carrot. If Blitzen is a girl then her vagina is beginning to develop! It says this week the baby starts to swallow and will be getting little bits of amniotic fluid so it's now that I should especially start eating a variety of foods to heighten the baby's taste buds.. Belly Picture: When Zach took these pictures for me he made the comment that I'm not gaining as much weight in my face this pregnancy, I hope that's the truth! But I honestly don't think I gained in my face until the very end so we still have a while until we'll know for sure ;) Still no one says I look pregnant, and friends say they can only tell from the side. I'm VERY glad I bought a numbe

Putt-Putt in St. Augustine

Thursday, July 28, 2011

After some time watching boats we headed over to the St. Augustine Outlets to do some shopping. We both felt bad for Kye as it wasn't a fun outing for him but he behaved so well! We got some deals but nothing worth bragging about...Kye got rewarded for his good behavior with a ride (well...a stationary ride b/c you know we didn't have any change to do it legit!). We rushed back to eat lunch (consisting of left overs) and get Kye in the bed for nap. Daddy and I enjoyed a nice nap too and when we all got up we headed out for some putt-putt. Yes, at 3:30 in the afternoon. In July. In Florida. It was BEYOND hot but we knew Kye would enjoy it! I also enjoy that my husband thinks it's fun to match outfits with Kye ;) I LOVE him in hats!  Not only did Zach forget to pack a bathing suit ...he also forgot to pack a belt for the trip so he ghetto rigged a rope the whole time! anytime we go into caves and such a fam picture is a must - this time it was

Boat Watching

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday morning we knew we wanted to head over to the St Augustine Outlets to do some shopping. Sadly, they didn't open until 10 and our child gets up at 7...hello time to kill! I've mentioned several wonderful perks about our hotel and another one is that it has it's own marina. Boat watching is a great way to entertain a toddler AND a great spot for a photo shoot. Here's our pictures from the morning! pointing out at the boats!  so sweet he was in awe can't you tell? Zach's turn to get behind the camera! we talked about looking for sharks in the water (sadly we didn't see any...) haha we both turned back to look! Before we got in our car to head to the outlets, I snapped a couple more pictures just from the view in the parking lot! love these two guys ;)
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