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Fort Walton Beach and Pool

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The morning after Chelsi's wedding we planned to spend on the beach! We brought ALL our beach stuff and assumed we'd be out there until lunch time...heck we even packed lunch thinking we'd eat out there then go back to the room for nap. Umm...I think we forgot that we have a TWO YEAR OLD. Sure, he loves to swim but the ocean isn't really water you can swim in ya know? We were literally at the beach for 40 minutes tops. Glad I took lots of pics while we were there!

My camera gets fogged when we stay in COLD hotel rooms then go outside so these aren't good quality, boo!

pumped to play in the water

pretty beach (minus all the seaweed!)
we went on a nice family walk down the shells in sight though
Daddy's and Kye's footprints in the sand
our fam

when we got home I invested in MORE sand toys...they were so fun!!!

Yes, I played in the sand - aren't you proud of me?
Zach's favorite part of the day - throwing the football with his son
Kye actually caught it several times!

Once we ran out of things to keep Kye entertained by the beach we headed for the pool. Honestly, I'm a pool girl anyway so I didn't mind too much and Kye has so much more FREEDOM in a pool than in the ocean. I did feel a little dumb spending double the time at the hotel pool than we did at the beach since we do have a pool at home, but it was fun (and not crowded which is a plus!).

Kye had a GREAT time swimming, here's a video of him jumping in to Daddy! (this happened prior to the videos I took of him jumping in like he does at home ALL the time now!)
I love random funny face pics!

We had a fun time enjoying the water...and STILL ended up back at the room at 10:30. So much for packing a lunch haha!


  1. I have to agree I'm a pool girl too. Just can't do all the salt water. :) and sand combination.

  2. Megan Ray it's so true!!! especially THAT had a HUGE drop off that made it hard for him to play, we had a MUCH better experience at Palm Coast, Fl last weekend :)

  3. Rachael_Copponex Soooooooo true!!!!! He did AWESOME at Palm Coast last weekend and didn't want to leave!!!! It's all about the beach ;) Fort Walton just had WAY too big of waves and a big drop off!


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