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Baby Preston Troutman

Monday, June 20, 2011

On Monday night (May 23rd) I planned a girl's night out. I had been feeling guilty for neglecting ALL my friends during my first trimester and thought I could kill lots of birds with one stone and just get everyone together. Ashley came along for a little bit but didn't stay too late because she was a day past her due date and was at that "I'm miserable" stage! We had a fun time and I was very excited for little Preston to make his arrival!

That next morning, Tuesday the 24th, Kye and I went to the Mommy and Me swim class at Tiny Bubbles. When we left swim I checked my phone and had a missed call from Ashley at 8:24. I called her back immediately thinking something was wrong with the baby or that she needed help getting to the hospital or something. She answered and I was all panicked with worry and she said "He's HERE!!!" I really, really couldn't believe it! Her birth story (which you can read on her blog here) is a great one because it all went so quickly for her, what a blessing!

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