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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Okay...had a blog error at the WRONG moment haha! I was so pumped to share who won too :( I went through each and every comment and checked to make sure no cheating happened and that everyone got credit for their entries. I typed it ALL up (which took ages) and posted it on the blog as proof of who was what number. Well guess what? When I posted it for some reason the post cut off during the list so only some were shown? And of course I didn't save the document! SO now I have no proof that I didn't personally pick the winner but I PROMISE (and I love the Lord so I wouldn't fib!!!) picked entry #148

which is:
Bobalu14 1 day ago

CONGRATS BOBBIE!! I have no doubt that you'll contact me within the 72 hours and I can't WAIT to see what you pick out with your gift certificate! If you loved the jewelry but didn't win...get with me and host a Stella and Dot trunk show! You can score TONS of jewelry for FREE!!!

Thanks again for all the blog love :) Many more mini-giveaways to come and another biggie when I hit 200 followers!

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