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Wild {Mommies!} Adventures

Monday, April 18, 2011

After alllllll our awesome fun at Wild Adventures (Part 1 AND Part 2) Crissy and I were pumped to take the kids back. I didn't realize that the park won't be open every week day until the summer :( Who wants to wait that long? We both wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and sneak in one last trip during the week of Spring Break (when they were opened weekdays) to hold us over until they open for summer. Two mommies, FOUR kids, one big adventure!!!

First stop: the horsey ride
more "giddy-upping"
pumped for a fun morning at the park
he LOVES that elephant!

sweet Neela
sisters ridin' together
Kye and Stevie were mega JACKED about driving the choo choo
Titus enjoyed his favorite ride the stroller :)
caught texting and driving!
it was great how we got to walk on any ride the kids wanted without a wait
she was in HEAVEN
the window of that truck is so disgusting
me and Neela were ride buddies since Kye and Stevie are hardcore bffs right now
drinking and driving!
"it takes a village" ;)
The main reason we wanted to go back to the park was to hit up the petting zoo. We didn't get to do it on our last visit (let's face's not a real "daddy" thing ya know?) and we knew the kids would enjoy it. We were right! It was a hit!
this face cracks me up Crissy!

they are SO adorable how well the play together
the sheep wanted to eat Stevie's little toy snakes
so sweet
Kye loved all the animal attention

I was proud of how gentle he was with them
feeding time!
I was a little nervous they'd bite him b/c he kept poking them with the food and didn't actually let them eat it...
I mean they DO have horns - so I told him to just put it on the ground ;)
Mrs. Bieber's turn!
All the kids have their favorite things...Kye and Stevie REALLY wanted to drive that choo choo and all Neela wanted was to see the fish. Like your standard orange find-at-every-Chinese-restaurant fish. Isn't that funny? Kye enjoyed watching them too though!

We've pretty much decided that all Wild Adventure days MUST end at the HUGE playground. The kids LOVE the "bounce house" (has anyone tried the new indoor bounce house place in Valdosta? I wanna go!!!!) and it's a great way to burn off any extra energy before nap time.
No wonder Crissy's so skinny! Carrying one while pushing two others!
I promise I tried to help! I borrowed a double stroller from Mrs. Charlotte but all her kids just love their mommy and wouldn't ride with us. Kye and I felt pretty rejected...
I'm pretty impressed with us and how wonderfully smooth the morning went. It had it's stressful moments but overall everyone had fun and survived it. Without too many injuries :) It makes me SO excited for all the fun times we'll have their together this summer. With a wagon next time for SURE!

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