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Blog Swap!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I was randomly reading blogs one day and stumbled across this fun idea of a "blog swap" over at Aly's Blog. This is where you get to know a new blog friend and buy each other little goodies! How fun is that??? Duh, I signed up and have enjoyed getting to know Amber from Brunch with Amber these past few weeks. I also enjoyed shopping at Target for her fun basket! You can see what I got her over at her blog entry about it here!

Here's the stuff I got from her!
She hooked me up with:

  • 2 of my favorite candies (sweet tarts and hershey's cookies and cream)
  • 2 celebrity trashy magazines (I can't ever spend the money to buy them but they are PERFECT for laying out days!)
  • a great memo to-do pad (for Zach obviously haha)
  • spring flower magnets
  • Hawaiian scented candles
  • cute little spring post it notes
  • a book of cute women sayings
  • and three shades of nail polish (so my toes can be pool ready!)
Thanks so much Amber!

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