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While Daddy Had Surgery...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When we took the kids downtown for pictures Robyn asked what we planned on doing with Kye the day of Zach's surgery. My plan had been for Mom to keep him at the house before she went to work then to have Mrs. Charlotte come pick him up when Mom had to leave. I knew it wasn't a good idea for Kye to be at the house after the surgery. He is obsessed with his daddy and Zach would need his rest...which simply wouldn't happen with Kye home. Robyn insisted that Kye come with them to her mother-in-laws house to decorate cookies. I felt bad asking her to watch him all day and felt like he'd be intruding on their tradition but she convinced me that they really did want him to come so I caved! It made it SO much less stressful for me to know he was off having fun while Zach was having surgery and then resting. Plus he really did have a great time! Robyn took lots of pictures for me so I almost feel like I was there :)

While Daddy had surgery Kye:

checked into his feminine side
kept up with his important job of lining everything up
watched (what I was told was) a little tv
helped the ladies in the kitchen
and took control when needed :)
shared in the Mullican tradition of putting flour on your nose when baking (I'd never heard of it, but it's cute!)
decorated his and Lorelai's creations
and taste tested the results
maybe even a little too much testing
grubbed out

enjoyed a good read and tee-tee with a friend
enjoyed the outdoors
with a little hand holding
and a lot of smiling with his lady!
Thanks again to Robyn and Matt for having him! I know the kids had a great time together and it made my day so much less stressful. Good friends are hard to find but I've done pretty good in pickin' 'em huh? :) And y'all know we'd love to have Lorelai anytime (well...assuming we're in town of course!)

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