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Christmas Parties: Mema's and Church

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sometime around the holiday season (do dates even matter at this point?) we all got together at Mema's house to celebrate Christmas with her and fill up on yummy chili and spaghetti! Here's some highlights from the evening:

Mema and Mrs. Charlotte - mother and daughter
glad my mom came to the fun too!
Casey and I didn't plan on the matching, I promise
Casey and Jordan!
The kids had a BLAST running around like crazy people, isn't this too cute of Payton and Kye under Mema's table?
watching everyone open presents
being crazy :)
After this truck/car/train/tractor filled Christmas my kid is GOOD on vehicles!
Courtney showing off the slippers Mema got her...and how huge her feet are...and her dainty Together Forever necklace from Stella and Dot!
Mema and Morgan (check out her real estate blog here!)
This was a Stella & Dot Christmas...Mema was the first to get the La Coco Silver Pearl Strand but she wasn't the last!
It's tough to take a guy serious when he's cuddling with a stuffed doggie, am I right?
Kye helping Mema open her present from us
It was a great time at Mema's as is any time we get together with family! We also had a church party and this year we wanted to stay after services to be able to take part in it. It seems like every year we are out of town or have other plans or have a baby who has to go to bed mega early, but this year none of the above applied so we got to eat and fellowship with our church family. Santa came to the event but the line was soooooo long and Kye had already met Santa so we opted out. But we did have someone take a couple family pictures for us (you can't ever pass up that opportunity!)

some kid was trying to be nice and share and gave Kye a candy cane...and opened it for him. I snuck it away pretty quickly when he wasn't paying attention, no worries ;)
Isn't he such a little man???

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