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Someone Loves the Splash Park!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Months back I joined an online play group thing for people in the Valdosta area. I check their events and will go to things when we can (the fire station visit was one of them). There are some really nice moms and it's good for Kye to get to meet other kids, but most of the families are military and all already know each other, so it's not on my top priority to do list. I'm thankful I joined it though because otherwise I would have never known about the splash park (or the movie theater kid days either!) and Kye has LOVED the splash park this summer! I blogged about it some in my post about summer. Instead of having a million different entries with pictures from all the times we went I just waited until it closed for the year to post them all here! Enjoy :)

of all the kids I've seen there, Kye really does love it the most
taking a little break from the fun
this face is hilarious!
getting his snacks all soggy
and still enjoying them
his favorite thing to do is watch the water come up and hit him in the face
"hey mom!"
acting like he owns the place
making new friends while begging for food
my summer lovin' boy!
waiting for the water again
it is a seriously nice park (even though it's in a SCARY part of town...)
pumpin' that fist and workin' that tongue - LOVE IT!
you knew Crazy Boy Kye would have to make an appearance
Can't wait until the splash park opens up again next summer! 

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