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Professional Wedding Pictures

Friday, September 3, 2010

Probably the BEST decision I made as a bride was to book Javon Longieliere for our photographer. He's AMAZING and did a fabulous job capturing all the special moments of our big day. I recommend him ALL the time to EVERY bride I know and no one has ever been disappointed! In fact, everyone I meet that didn't use him typically will see our pictures and say how much they wished they would have used him. He's worth every penny and more. To me, photos are the most important thing on a wedding day because they are the one thing you can keep forever and will be something you look back on again and again. Brandon and Chrissy booked him as soon as they set a date and I know they are very proud of the beautiful pictures he did for them! Chrissy posted all of them on Facebook awhile back and I stole some of my favorites to show off to all of you. Be prepared, Javon takes hundreds upon thousands of pictures so it was hard for me to narrow down favorites ;)  I'm beyond impressed at how much Javon's work has grown and evolved through the years and I feel so blessed to be able to call him a friend! Enjoy a look back at Brandon and Chrissy's big day (these may be in random order)!

 the dress
this is just so "Javon" to me
gotta have fresh breath!
Mr. Rusty looks like a secret service agent or something
yes, any that my child are in are instant favorites ;)
hasn't he changed SO much since then? It was only 6 months ago!
waiting to walk down the aisle
Gramma and Kye escorted by Brandon
proud Gramma
Chrissy's dad
you can just picture Zach saying "bow with me please" for the prayer haha
random onlookers
yay Ben!
I love hand shots don't you?
such a sweet helpful sister moment
the ring-in-the-shoe shocker
lots of hugs
this is funny...are we scheming?
best best man toast ever!
any pictures I'm in are also instant favorites (I mean who doesn't like professional pictures of themselves? haha)
more reception moments
gahhh Kye's hair...
great group shot!
bride and groom shots
Dead Bride 
great one to end on :)
Don't these just make you want to get married? Gah I can't wait until we can have a re-wedding someday when we get to renew our vows or something...whatever we do Javon is TOTALLY taking the pictures :)

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