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A Love for Ice Cream is Genetic

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Having your house on the market is tricky. It's exciting when someone comes to look at it but also tough because I'm home all day so that means when they call I'm often in pjs, with a messy house, and in the middle of something with Kye. And it seems like they ALWAYS call to show it at the worst times when I'm the most busy. Recently someone called to see it while Kye was sleeping for his nap so I asked them to wait until 3 for him to get as much sleep as possible. I debated about what to do with him once he got up. Sure we could run errands but with two dogs in the car and it being 100 degrees or more I didn't think that was too fair. And I really didn't feel like sweating it up at our usual playground hang out. Instead we ended up getting ICE CREAM! I figured it'd be a fun snack for Kye and a good way to pass the time - I was right. 

When I got up to the window to order at Brusters I was SHOCKED when they told me that Kye's ice cream cone was FREE! I was also proud of myself for not ordering myself anything (it was tempting but we all know my true love is a Blizzard anyway). Here's Kye enjoying his ice cream treat ~ I'm sure we'll be doing this VERY often from now on!
he loved the sprinkles
checkin it out
love the tongue and pointing finger: eating ice cream takes some serious concentration
getting messy
the ice cream loving he got from his mama, the croc loving not-so-much
my new desktop picture :)

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