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Lorelai's 1st Ever Beach Day!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday morning we were all pretty excited to get to the beach as quickly as possible so Lorelai could feel the sand for the first time! It made me think back to Kye's first time on the beach...he was not even 3 months old (looking back at that post I cannot BELIEVE what he looked like! wow he looks soooo different now!). As everyone knows, Kye loves the water and we hoped Lorelai would too!

first steps in the sand and she's smiling!
waiting on his lady
here she comes!
first steps in the ocean, and more smiles!
Mullican Family
Once we realized Lorelai loved it, we knew we'd have a successful beach day. We went out EARLY (like 8:00) and by 10:30 we were I guess when I say "beach day" I really mean "beach hours." But you know how it is with kids, 2 hours FELT like a day :) Here are more pictures of our Saturday morning on the beach:

chasing birds...
...and people
cracking up as our son wouldn't stop putting sand in his hair
umm, you're not throwing sand in mommy's hair...
trying to get this beach child to hold still for a picture is impossible
sorry to all my (many?) gay readers: they may not look like it here but these guys are straight!
while the guys and kids played Robyn and I had fun just taking TONS of pictures!
boogie boardin'
Good way to make your toddler stay still? Bury them in the sand!
lesson learned: drinking a cup covered in sand puts sand in your mouth
Learning early how to put a man in his place! You can tell who runs who in this relationship...
Ahhh...nothing better than a day at the beach :)

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