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I want a DSLR

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It seems like so many moms out there have DSLR cameras! Well, not me. And I totally want to join your club but don't have the $800 to shell out on a new camera. I've been secretly wanting one, but have known better than to say anything about it with our house/money situation right now, for some time. Then Katie posted on Facebook that she and her hubby were selling their Nikon. Um, I yes please! Someone else beat me to the punch and got it before I could (lucky lady Amber!) and since then I've been unsatisfied with my less-than-perfect-images. I wish I could find a way to make buying one make sense but telling my hubby that I "need" it for the blog is a stretch seeing as I don't profit from this AT ALL and it just eats up my time and causes him to be annoyed at least once a week. Plus I already take pictures non-stop, can you imagine how many pictures I'd be taking if I had a legit camera? Blogger would explode for sure! So I'll keep having DSLR filled dreams b/c I think that's where it'll be staying for awhile (unless any of you wanna sell me yours?). I think Crissy knew I had a longing for a new camera as she offered to let me borrow hers for a few days to play with. I was in picture taking Heaven! Even though Kye was feeling crummy over the weekend I still managed to get him dressed in a cute little outfit and forced him to allow me to photograph him. It was fun for the 5 min it lasted :)

love that little belly
isn't this outfit too cute?
and duh, I had to buy the matching hat
found himself in the reflection
and, true to form, kissed himself immediately
embarrassed for being caught loving himself that much
grins win mommy over every time :)
kissable little lips are gonna give the ladies some trouble someday
but he's saving alllll those kisses for his mommy right?
spying on the neighbors...
awesome face
favorite pic of the morning
time to go inside! back to Disney Movie watching we go!
How do you DSLR totin' moms not have 10 million pictures of your kids?!?!

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