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2T? No way!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

With the heat of this summer and the HUGE window in Kye's room which keeps it from ever cooling down in there, Kye was in need of some short sleeved pjs. Zach okayed me ordering some from The Children's Place (seriously they have the BEST sales and the CUTEST boy clothes ever!). When I went to place my order I realized that Kye is right on the border of wearing 24 months sizes in their clothes (24 months starts at 26 lbs and at his 15 month exam he weighed 25.5lb). The cheapest short sleeved pjs they had were a 2T so I figured I'd just order them and if they were too big I could return to store (I love that they let you do that!). Well...THEY FIT. I could cry seeing my "baby" in a 2 freaking T!!!!!

One night Zach was getting home late from work so I put on Kye's new pjs and let him run around a bit before bed. I had to share my cutie in his big boy pajamas!

Saying "night night" to Zeke
and Sadie
When I told him it was "night night" time he RACED into our room and asked to get on our bed (keep dreamin' kid)
"night night Mommy!"
Sees one more person to say "night night" to
being silly in Mommy and Daddy's bed
can you BELIEVE these fit him so well?!?!
my big boy
I just want to squeeze him and cover him in kisses he's so stinkin' cute here
can we just freeze time now so he won't grow up?

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