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Last Bits of Summer

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer is quickly winding down to a close and I'm sad to see it go. It's been a fun on filled with so many good times! What is summer without lots of grilling out? or riding with the windows down, music up? What is summer without enjoying your dog at the park (see the video )? or indulging in some chocolate covered strawberries with your special someone? What is summer without some bare skin and super cool shades? or without some YUMMY mega-large Blizzard treats? Good-bye summer we will miss you (and especially you, Blizzard-of-the-month for August: Oreo Brownie Earthquake)!

Types of Mom Friends

Monday, August 30, 2010

I love all the parenting magazines I get and enjoy most of the articles. I do, however, fall behind in my reading of them. We keep all the magazines by the toilet ( best place to do a little reading, obviously) and when I get a new one I just stick it in the magazine holder and grab one when I'm doing my thing. I just read the August 2009 issues of Parenting Early Years and stumbled across an article that got me thinking. It was all about the different types of friends that every mom needs to have and why. I got to thinking about the friends I have and where they fit on this list and also the kind of friend that I am to other people. Friend #1: The Mom in the Same Boat: You need her b/c she "gets it." And you can keep her by trying to spend some one-on-one time without the kids and make it fun. Yes, you're busy with work, kids, errands, house, and other craziness but the more mom time away from play dates, the better. Make a date-you both deserve it and probab

Kye's Lowndes Football Game

Sunday, August 29, 2010

As many of you may remember from my post last year about high school football, it's a BIG deal around here. Have you ever seen the show Friday Night Lights ? Well, it could totally be set in Valdosta, GA instead of Texas b/c it's just as hardcore here as it is there. For real.  If you're from Valdosta then you "get it." If not? Then you seriously don't understand (which would be ME). This season is Cole's, Zach's cousin, senior football season and he's the starting quarterback. Around here that means he's a BIG DEAL. Of course I totally support going to all the home games in order to see Cole, I'm not heartless here people! It does help knowing that this will be the last season we have to go to for awhile though ;) We actually bought season tickets to the games this year so we are going to be attending games on the reg for awhile! Last season we missed several of them ( darn ) since we didn't have season tickets and they often SEL

Petsmart: Valdosta's Zoo

Friday, August 27, 2010

Valdosta doesn't have a zoo (unless you want to pay like $40 to go to Wild Adventures, no thanks) so Kye and I made Petsmart our own zoo. He had fun and I felt like it was semi-educational so it worked! I'm sure we'll be going there on the reg until Zach breaks down and drives us to a legit zoo :) We got to see the exotic bird exhibit, enjoy feeding time at the killer wale tanks, watch wild Australian mice sleep, and even come face-to-face with the lions and tigers! While we enjoyed it I doubt the workers did since there was probably a lot of glass cleaner used after our visit!

Learning Time

Thursday, August 26, 2010

As I mentioned in my post about Kye's new schedule , I have been feeling a lot of guilt lately over my parenting. I know that many of you think I'm hardcore but I wasn't feeling hardcore enough . I felt like the things in my schedule gave Kye TONS of playtime but that it is time for some learning time too. I'm about 80% sure that Kye will go to pre-school and I want him to be well prepared for those days. I want him to be a good student and understand how to sit still and listen. It's not like kids just walk into a classroom and magically acquire those skills. They need to be taught...and right now I'm the one who should be teaching him! I stumbled across this site (which is labeled "Activity Board" under my "Sites I love" section on the ride sidebar in case you want to reference it in the future!) because the Babywise Blog Mom actually uses it for her learning time with her kids. In my book she's practically Super Mom so if she does
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