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Beating the Heat

Saturday, July 24, 2010

While we live in Georgia it's a totally different world down here than it was when I lived up near Atlanta. The heat in the summers is suffocating. It's beyond hot. It's sweltering. It's the SOUTH people!!! This summer is no different than the rest and I think it almost feels worse because now we have a child who is in love with the outdoors and begs to go out every chance he gets. Letting Kye play in the hose in the backyard is a great solution as it keeps him cool, wears him out, and provides a lazy way for us to entertain him! Here's a video of the fun.
it looks like it hurts!
but he keeps coming back for more...
love this face
lazy Daddy ;)
fun in the sun!
Crazy Boy Kye
Have I ever mentioned that I cannot wait to have a pool in my backyard?!?! 

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