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New Fun at the Park

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now that Kye's full fledged walking I was excited to take him to our neighborhood park to see how he'd play on the playground. I thought he'd be running like a wild man but instead he quietly practiced his new skills!

He worked for ages at putting the pieces of mulch down these little holes
and we spent majority of our time there walking up and down the stairs
(like the Guy Harvey t-shirt? Thanks to Uncle Brandon and Aunt Chrissy!)
he had to have Mommy's help a little bit
but by the time we were done he could go up and down by himself!
another favorite thing to practice was getting on and off the slide
he tried to climb up the slide but that's a "no sir" in my book!
he could get down all by himself!
the guys were cutting the grass and he loved watching the lawn mowers
of course his favorite thing hasn't changed...swings!
I REALLY hope we can stay in our neighborhood as we'd miss this park SO much!


  1. Where did Aunt & Uncle find this T?! Too cute Looking for one for my lil guy!

  2. They found it at Beall's which they only have in Florida...but Beall's has an online store which I'm sure you can find it there!!!! Guy Harvey is SO popular now so I'm sure he has made many more kids shirts ;)

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