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Kye's Egg Huntin'

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I was SHOCKED about how pumped Kye was to hunt eggs! I didn't expect it at all!!! We got him up Saturday morning and before we could even get him dressed he started crawling around the house (we were going to do them outside but the sprinklers came on! oops!) grabbing eggs!!! We had to stop him from hunting! It was too cute and made the morning so fun. Here are some pictures of my little egg hunter :)
counting his stash
yay! eggs!
taking a breather
worn out and ready for a nap (except he had SO much fun that he wouldn't actually sleep for his nap!)
This year he did so awesome it makes me SUPER pumped for when he's actually walking!!! Next year with his climbing skills we'll be able to hide some pretty high for him I'll bet! :)

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