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Wedding Weekend: Gettin' Ready!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The morning of the wedding was pretty crazy as I think it is for all weddings isn't it? I got up at 6:00 to get myself ready so I could go over to Chrissy's rental house and help her get ready haha. I probably should have just waited and got ready over there but I remember from my own morning that it was all very rushed (but then again I did get married at 7 am!!!) and I wanted to make sure I could focus on Chrissy and not have to be worrying about myself.

Chrissy had a friend of hers come to do her hair and Cassandra did her makeup. I'm sure she felt so special being so pampered! :)
dress ready and waiting
seeing herself almost ready to walk down the aisle!
The Liz comment for the day: "Emily when are you putting on your makeup?" (I already had haha)
Mom and Me
ALL first time bridesmaids!
with the bride
It's HER day!
Mom and I left there at about 10 and had to be 100% ready to go by 11:15 to meet for pictures at 11:30. It was a bit stressful in our hotel room especially since it was Kye's nap and since he was completely missing his afternoon nap it was vital that he slept great for the morning one! So we were trying to all get ready in one bathroom AND be quiet. We failed and Kye got up pretty early! Oh well, it was one of those days where you just had to go with the flow! Of course Daddy and Kye didn't have to even start getting ready until like have it soooo easy...

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