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Kye the Photographer

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kye's old enough now to understand something is up when I pull out my camera. I can usually snap a couple of shots of him before he comes crawling like a little demon towards me to try to get a hold of it! I have sooo many pictures that look like this:
I don't allow him to play with my camera but I figured why not let him try to take some pictures and see how he does? I explained to him that it was a camera and he knew RIGHT away what button to push! With as much as this child gets his picture taken you gotta figure he had a chance to either be a model or a photographer! Why not let him start to practice? Here are images from Kye's first shoot!
And he's already mastered the self portrait haha
I'm sure my days of sharing my camera are just beginning...I need to get him his own! :) 

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