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25 Years of Me!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday was my 25th birthday! I feel sooooo old :( I'm one of those people who have always understood that getting older sucks and I've always dreaded it! I remember when I was little and people asked me my age I would say "I'm 5 and I'm going to stay 5 forever." Well that was 20 years ago!

Even though getting older is not the most fun thing in the world I really strive to live life to the fullest and not waste a minute of the short time we have here on Earth. My favorite quote used to always be "Good Clothes Open All Doors." While that is still true my new motto is from a book I read based on the journals of Jackie Kennedy: ""I don't want a good life. I want an interesting life. I want to live, not merely exist." So true!!!! I want to fully LIVE my life and I think, so far, I'm doing a good job at that!

I made a facebook album tribute to my first 1/4 of a century and you can view it here (even if you don't have facebook you can view the album).

Here are 20 of my favorite pictures of me through the years, hopefully you'll all agree that I've only gotten more beautiful with age right? right? (haha)

My beautiful parents right after I was born
Tell me this doesn't look sooo much like Kye!
Beach Girl

Wasn't my brother adorable?

Decorating Christmas cookies is still my favorite tradition
with Grammie

riding in a homeless persons shopping cart in Hawaii haha
High School Graduation
with Papa

Blazer Games with "my kids" Madeline and Candler
with Nana

Ski trips!
Engagement Pics
Baby Levi!

2007 Nat'l Champs! Such FUN memories!
college graduation

my best friends
new tradition ~ tacky pjs!
my little family

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  1. Seeing the pics of you when you were about 5 make me feel like it was just yesterday! I never called you Emily, but Emily Sed-ga-lee.


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