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Neela Grace

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I've been super pumped to meet little Neela for awhile now and it turns out that she's not-so-little!!! Crissy had a scheduled c-section on July 9th and everything went smoothly! Neela Grace Megow was born that morning weighing it at 9 lbs 3 oz and 22 inches long. She's a BIG girl! Already wearing size one diapers and 3 month clothes! I couldn't get over her FULL head of hair...Seth and Crissy make such pretty babies that they officially aren't allowed to stop haha

Here she is!
When Crissy had Stevie things didn't go as smoothly and Seth didn't sound in the mood for visitors so we didn't go up there...this time I just didn't call and ask! I was going no matter what haha. But Crissy looked beautiful and so relaxed and happy. It was a nice time getting to visit with them even though I did get a little teased for all my constant picture taking haha

The two daddies!
I've never been a big baby-holder but I was pumped to get my hands on this baby! It's so neat how once you have a baby you are more comfortable with other people's. Plus Neela is HUGE so I wasn't scared of breaking her the way I would have been if she'd been tiny. She has the prettiest skin though and the sweetest little fingers. My baby is only 4 months old and already it's hard to believe that he was ever like that!
I'm so excited for their growing family and can't wait for Kye to pick him out a Megow girlfriend one day haha!

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  1. See, I knew what I was doing by buying the bigger size diapers! Haha!

    -Ashley Troutman


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